About Online Counseling & Therapy

We're dedicated to empowering and enhancing people's lives by creating powerful tools and applications that help overcome the challenges we all face and better humanizing connections made between people online.

We believe traditional counseling and therapy is evolving much like many other professional services. Here, instead of going to an office, you can communicate with health professionals and receive the therapy you seek in the comfort of your home.

Online counseling and therapy allows you access to independent, qualified and experienced professionals who offer their services for an affordable price, on a wide range of topics like: depression, addiction, mental illness, stress and many more.

Our online professionals provide you with the insights you need through a variety of communication methods whenever you may need them: 24/7/365. Over the phone (toll-free or click-to-call from the web)? No problem. Via online text chat (Instant Message) or email? We've got you covered.

How It Works

  1. Search by Topic

    Search to find the right counselor or therapist for your online therapy session. View their listing, credentials, written feedback & ratings from other customers to see how they can best help you.

  2. Get Insights

    Once you've selected your advisor for your online therapy session, click to call (if they're available), start an online chat session, schedule an appointment or send them an introductory email.

  3. Rest Easy

    Ingenio makes the connection to you and your selected therapist meaning it's safe, secure and confidential. Your identity is never revealed nor are you ever billed without authorization. We guarantee your satisfaction too.

Powered by Ingenio

Websites "Powered by Ingenio" rely on the Ingenio technology platform which has been a trusted, reliable resource for personal advice since its launch in 1999. Now, over a decade later, millions of successful transactions have confirmed the Ingenio platform as a leader in phone, online text-chat and web-based personal advice.

Ingenio is dedicated to empowering lives by helping people discover answers to their most pressing questions. We're proud of our network of personal advisors and the informative, reliable, convenient, and reasonably-priced online therapy services they provide to help people in need: anytime, anywhere.